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Alixe Faubert
By working together we will create actionable steps to incorporate into your life, and shortly after, YOU will Become.
Carys Degenhardt
I am a holistic nutritionist and coach that turns to food, nature-based therapies and mindset to create massive transformation.
Lauren Dunin
I'm passionate about women's hormonal health due to my personal journey with imbalances from a young age.
Hannah Charron
I'm fascinated by the role that the gut has on the brain, and am passionate in educating others on the link between the two.
Bec Symonds
My goal is to guide clients towards becoming a more confident, secure, self-loving, and happier version of themselves, by helping their minds become a safe and positive place to be.
Ariana Alcantara
Using a holistic approach I am here to be your guiding light, supporting and connecting you to your best and healthiest version.
Claudia Howick
My style of coaching is a unique blend of 1-1 sessions and conscious movement and Yoga, along with accessing the subconscious mind through breath work and meditation.
Laura Dias
Together, we will ignite transformative shifts, leading you towards true self-discovery, empowerment, and a deeper connection to your authentic nature.
Kellie Artis
I am deeply passionate using the Enneagram of Personality to assist individuals in uncovering their true selves and aligning that self-awareness with purpose, direction, and boundless enthusiasm to create a fulfilled and inspired life.
Camille Alonso
I am passionate about guiding women to reach their health and wellness goals through healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes.
Jewelia Orlick
In my practice, I use holistic based techniques that help you dissolve anxiety, feel at peace, and step into the best version of yourself.
Jose Arteiro
I am looking for the opportunity to help individuals explore their potential in both professional and personal aspects of their lives.
Nat Davis
I am looking for the opportunity to help individuals explore their potential in both professional and personal aspects of their lives.
Shannon Hamaker
As a certified Sexual Health Educator, Somatic Practioner, and TCS™ Certified Master Facilitator I am able to support others in their connection to their authentic self through inner child work, somatic experiencing, and mindfulness.
Nellie Labovitz
I look at beauty from a lens of wellness and help clients achieve the glow they desire - from the inside out!
If you want someone that genuinely cares about you and your journey, Ariana is the coach to have. She has provided the knowledge and guidance to make me feel confident that I can make life and diet choices to better my health for the rest of my life. I have already started to feel and look better after just a few sessions.
Kellie Artis was amazing. Wonderful session. Super engaging.
Phenomenal!!! NEVER have I had a meditation go so well. Chris took time to describe the purpose of hand positioning and body positioning and made me feel SUPER comfortable. Then we did an amazing visualization meditation and breath exercise. Highly recommend booking to anyone who wants to get started with meditation.
Great first session, with a good discussion on factors that influence overall wellness and a plan to see what’s going on in my life.
I had an amazing session with Laura! she helped me get to the bottom of my issue on our very first session. i was feeling a bit doomed and glommed but now i am feeling excited, motivated and lighter. she made me feel safe and i cannot wait to continue working with her!
This session left me extremely positive and hopeful for the future. Laurie presented me with a visualization session and it helped me clear my head on what my future is looking like!
This was a must try experience. Bec helped me unlock inner feelings, and see a future version of myself that I was proud to be.
Great session with two-way communication and very receptive to input and preferences.
Super relaxing and really helpful - felt super supported throughout the journey and very at ease.
Love Lorien so much! Such good energy every session!
So blessed and so thankful. She is such a wonderful soul and I am blessed to have found her.
Jordan is so knowledgable and compassionate. He’s really done the work himself and WALKS HIS TALK. Book with Jordan if you’re looking for an inspirational coach that will hold you accountable :’)
Kellie is fantastic to work with. Such a treat!
Alixe was supper friendly, and asked questions to ensure that she customized a meal plan to meet my goals and health needs.
Emily was great and I look forward to working with her and learning more about gut health.
Wonderful tips and breath work to incorporate into times of high stress in my life.
Great first session and looking forward to building on it!!

Is health coaching right for you?

Health coaching provides the personalized guidance, accountability, and expertise you need to overcome challenges. It’s the key to unlocking your full health potential and achieving the results you desire.
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What is HatchPath?

HatchPath is your personalized wellness guide, connecting you with expert health coaches to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Think of us as your wellness GPS, minus the annoying rerouting.

How do I get started with HatchPath?

Easy as pie! Sign up, choose a coach from our awesome lineup, book a session, and start your journey to wellness. We promise no awkward small talk—just solid guidance.

What types of coaches are available on HatchPath?

We’ve got a variety of coaches: Nutrition, Fitness, Mindfulness, Chronic Illness, and Lifestyle. It’s like a health and wellness buffet, and you can have as many servings as you like.

Is HatchPath free?

Browsing coaches and profiles is free. Booking a session with a coach? That’s where the magic happens, and a fee is involved. But think of it as an investment in a healthier, happier you.

Can I use HatchPath on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Whether you’re lounging on the couch or running on a treadmill, you can access HatchPath on your mobile device. Wellness on the go!

What if I need to cancel a session?

Life happens! You can cancel or reschedule your session through your account dashboard. Just give your coach a heads-up to avoid any cancellation fees.

How do I choose the right coach?

Browse our roster of over 300 coaches, read their profiles, check out client reviews, and pick the one who feels right for you. It’s like online dating, but with fewer awkward dinner dates.

Will my information be kept private?

Your privacy is our priority. We keep your information secure and only share what’s necessary to provide you with the best coaching experience. No sharing with nosy neighbors or spammy advertisers.

What if I have a specific health goal?

Perfect! Our coaches specialize in various health niches. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, manage stress, improve fitness, or tackle a chronic illness, we’ve got a coach for you.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Our coaches strive to provide top-notch service, but if you’re not satisfied, contact our support team. We’re here to help you find a solution that works for you.