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Jordan Dunin, Founder
Chronic Illness Coach / Chronic Lyme Disease
Alixe Faubert
Health Coach / Plant-Based Nutrition and Mindset
Alicia Freya
Women’s Health and Fitness Coach
Heather Everett
Mindfulness Coach / Clarity, Connection and Creation
Emily Sinclair
Holistic Nutritionist / Gut Health & Stress Management

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I loved my experience with HatchPach! My session with Carys was super smooth, she’s definitely a great professional and is already helping me so much. I loved the meal plan she created for me, it is exactly what I was looking for!
Larissa Mayara
Intro to Mindset and Nutrition: Alixe was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and insightful. She helped me realize a few key points as well as gave me some specific things to focus on as a way to help with some of my concerns. She also gave me some useful tools that I will use in my day to day activities. I am looking forward to booking another session as a follow-up of our conversation.
Hello! My session with Emily was phenomenal! She walked me through the process of dealing with my Candida and eliminating sugar cravings
Focus Session Better than expected. Helped me with new ideas that I plan to start moving forward with.
Huna Healing Single Session Laura is very knowledgable, and the discussion helped me a lot. Very calm and good to talk to.
Huna Healing Single Session My session went great and Laura is fantastic to work with.
Follow-Up Session great session, very clear audio and easy to access! only one glitch in the beginning but smooth sailing from there :)
Rewiring the brain to stop self-sabatoge Session 1 Covered a lot, helpful.
Session 2 Time well spent, did an exercise and felt good afterwards.
Intro to Mindset and Nutrition: Alixe is just what I was hoping for in a health coach - she is grounded, compassionate, warm, encouraging, and a wonderful listener. Not only did I feel heard and understood by Alixe, she also helped me gain a sense of momentum and excitement for life that had been dormant for too long! Alixe exuded empathy and acceptance as we explored various facets of my life, and she offered a collaborative approach to helping me live my life with more joy and freedom.
Focus Session Phenomenal session! Discovered the nature of my overwhelm and how to prioritize what I have to do versus my values.
My session with Madds was amazing! We had an incredibly powerful session, and worked through so much in the hour we had. Madds is so supportive and really creates a safe space to feel and process everything, and she has so much insight and wisdom to share. So grateful for our time together and can't wait to work with her again!
Beta: Breakthrough Session Madds is a wonderful coach and provided such a wonderful experience for me and my soul. Highly highly highly recommend her for anyone wanting to tap into their spiritual side. There was lots of tears and emotions but I have a much better understanding of myself and the things going on in my life. I will definitely be reconnecting again with her, probably multiple multiple times. Such an awesome conversation and lots of take aways to help me better myself and the relationships I have my my family. My soul is very happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with Madds. Anyone on the fence about reaching out to her please do you will not be disappointed, I sure wasn’t.


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